Neuigkeiten für C++/MFC-Entwickler

Mehrere umfangreiche und bisher kostenpflichtige MFC-Toolsets von Dunda wurden samt Sourcecode freigegeben! Darunter sind hochinteresante Klassen, die ich gerne schon vor Jahren zur Verfügung gehabt hätte. Ich hoffe, dass für den einen oder anderen von euch was dabei ist.


Many of our readers are C++ / MFC developers. In fact David and myself are both veteran MFC devs and started The Code Project as an excuse to play with MFC instead of getting real jobs. With the advent of .NET, MFC and C++ have taken a back seat to the other .NET languages but we know there is a huge community still using and developing C++ and MFC code. MFC is important and we continue to encourage Microsoft to pay more attention to native C++ development.

Back in 2004 David and I purchased the award winning "Ultimate Toolbox" suite of MFC products from Dundas Software in order to update and preserve a library for which we have a huge soft spot. This week we're proud to announce the release of the entire Ultimate Toolbox, Ultimate Grid and Ultimate TCP/IP client libraries to the Code Project community for free. Use them, extend them, enjoy them and revel in a feast of over 300 MFC classes, the best MFC grid out
there and some serious TCP/IP libraries. You can download the
libraries at

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